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You are welcome by BetoBest®

BetoBest® is a treatment mostly applied on fresh concrete, optimizing the performance of
your industrial floor. It can be used to reinstate the surface of an old concrete floor.

Optimising of concrete surface

Densifying and hardening of concrete surfaces of industrial floors.

All recent or older surfaces treated with BetoBest®

* Will keep their original aspect
* Keep their resistance to thermal variation
* Can still "breath"
* Is resistant to salt, fuels and lubricants
* Will get an improved abrasion resistance
* Will reduce water and dust intake

Our mineral based product is environmental friednly and can be applied without any
special protection.
It can be applied on existing floors as well as be applied directly after the pouring on
the fresh concrete. The cost of the product can be earned back easily by the reduction
in cleaning and in time.

You will also be convincend by BetoBest®

Product information / Technicial sheet

BetoBest® is a Colorless and solvent free Silicate liquid-hardener with a "curing" effect for
concrete treatment on fresh or existing concrete floors.


Highly concentraded, low-viscosity Slicate solution

Effects and Application

BetoBest® will settle into the concrete and reacts with the cement particles in the concrete
toplayer which results in an extremely hard Silicate structure. BetoBest® is also suitable
to harden areas with a high absorption or showing cement-milk on the surface. It does not
cloes the pores in the concrete surface and is improves considerably old concrete floors.

BetoBest® it suitable for all concrete floors which are perfectly executed, but need to be
strengthened to support a higher stresses as foreseen.



• Penetrates deeply into the surface ( depending on microstructure of surface )
• Although keeping pores in the surface open, it retains water untill 52% in the first 6 days
• Does not affect the surface
• Increases the early strength and the compressive strength with 19%
• Increases the thermal capacity of the floor
• Reduces shrinkage of the concrete by 65%
• Reducing the risk of early cracks
• Increases abrasion resistance of the surface 
• Reduces water and dirt intake
• Does not change the porosity
• Is resistant to salt, lubricants and fuels
• Is tasteless, odorless and is physiologically safe

BetoBest® will be applied in a quantity which is determined by the saturation capacity
of the surface in constant quantities.

Product information / Application method

After finishing the polishing of the concrete surface, we start with the impegnation of BetoBest®.

BetoBest® will be impregnated uniformly by means of our spreading machines. The
immediate exchange with the free water still in the concrete, will be finished after
about 2 hours.

During this exchange phase BetoBest® will be re applied, where necessary, to ensure an
equal density of the concrete.

Afterwards the BetoBest® is brushe again into the concrete surface and the rest material,
together with the surface-water, will be removed by means of aspiration. In no case will be
worked with pure water.

In completely closed, unheated halls an extra protective layer is not advised. However, in
heated areas we highly recommend to protect the surface immediately with a plastic layer
during 8 days.

This is also applicable for buildings with a lot of door openings, where extra care has to
be taken to avoid the plastic from being blown away by the wind.

If for any technical or other reason it is not possible to apply the BetoBest® directly
after condreting, the concrete floor must be covered by plastic, to ensure the same quality
of works at this delayed application of the BetoBest®.

BetoBest® cannot be applied if the sureface has already been treated by a wax or resin
based product.


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